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America’s Biggest Little Criminal

A peek into the criminal underworld of Joseph Conforte


Did Ross Brymer act alone? Did Judge Harry Claiborne take the bribe?

SWM looking for the right answers


This sleek and simple tribute site has several pictures and quotes:


Joseph Conforte is wanted by the United States Department of Justice for numerous violations under the RICO Act for racketeering. He hasn’t been heard from in awhile. Have you seen him lurking around Rio de Janeiro?


Most of the old timers are gone. A handful of the younger generation are still around. At least one is in prison at the moment. Click on the link below to learn about the characters in MR. MADAME and where they are now:

 Where are they now?

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Books like MR. MADAME happen because people in the know finally spill their guts to fill in the gaps that the newsmen and Hollywood got terribly wrong.